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Mythbuster: I already took a trip of USC, so I shouldn’t go to an Explore program.

The Myth: I been to the campus for the tour before, so I don’t have to visit as an admitted student.

The Verdict: Even in the event you’ve visited campus, it is helpful to check out as an admitted student as you think about your admission offer.

Exactly what a wonderful time of the year! Admitted students recently heard that they are component of the Trojan Family now it’s time for pupils to make the important decision of where you should head to college. At USC, we have many programs for pupils to obtain one look that is last they make their choice.

Often times pupils may think it’s useless in the future to campus in April should they went on a trip their junior or year that is senior. Nonetheless, it may definitely be worth your time to see campus inside the context as a student that is admitted. You are coming to campus to consider applying to USC. Is this a possibility when you take a tour as a prospective student? Could I see myself here? What information do I want to know about applying?

Visiting campus as an admitted student is a completely different feeling and set of questions that need answers. At this point, USC is completely a possibility. We have extended an offer of admission, and now it’s time to just take a serious and look that is close. Where would I be residing? That would be my classmates? Which professors will be teaching my classes? What communities will I join? Visiting campus as an admitted student helps you answer those questions and begin to visualize your potential experience at USC.

So come visit us! You are able to sign up for Explore (full day programs), Preview (half time programs), or Admitted Student Day during your online portal at you.usc.edu.

Can’t come to campus? We might be visiting town near you! We recognize that planing a trip to campus may be logistically hard, but you want to be sure to answer all your questions. Reservations for off-campus events can additionally be made at you.usc.edu.

Congratulations! With respect to the workplace of Admission, welcome to the Trojan Family. We desire to see you on campus!

Mythbuster: I’ve been admitted to spring, so I’m waitlisted


The Myth: I’m a springtime acknowledge, therefore I’m basically waitlisted.

The Verdict: No! You’re admitted to USC!

Every USC admits students to the spring semester, expecting to enroll about 300-500 of those students year. Many people assume spring admission is our waitlist. And although we could possibly move some of the students to the fall semester, spring admission isn’t a waitlist. Spring admission is an admission offer to USC.

Why do it is done by us? Well, every we know there will be students leaving in the spring semester by either graduating early or studying abroad year. We also possess a competitive admission process at USC, and now we can never ever admit most of the wonderful students whom apply to USC. So spring admission we can admit more of the incredible students we wish at USC because we all know we’ll have more room available in the spring semester.

Spring admits aren’t any less important to USC than pupils admitted to the fall or students who transfer to USC after a couple of semesters of university elsewhere. Spring admits are just as much USC students as other Trojan, and they are wanted by us at USC as other Trojan. Arriving at USC in the spring enables you to start your college experience in an unique way. You can ease to the college transition by taking classes at a neighborhood college. You’ll explore the world through a study abroad program. You can also take a break from the grind and revel in a months that are few of college!

You should visit our website at www.usc.edu/springadmit if you haven’t done so currently. You can find plenty of details shmoop write me an essay about the resources we have for the spring admits ranging from course planning for the fall to purchasing USC football season tickets.

If you are a spring admit, please know that you are an accomplished student and a wonderful addition to the Trojan Family. We look ahead to inviting you to campus spring 2017.

Dear Admitted Transfer Students…


Many transfer students are beginning to hear from us with choices. If you haven’t already, don’t panic. We will contact everybody by June 1st with either a request spring grades or perhaps a decision. Which basically means more waiting…sorry. For all those of you have got currently been admitted, or are wondering what the steps that are next be if you are admitted, this blog’s for you personally.

  • In your letter of admission, you have probably noticed you need to submit your Enrollment Commitment deposit by June 1st or within two weeks of receiving your admission letter that it says. What this means is, you have until June 1st to decide if you receive the admission decision before June 1st</sup. If you get the letter after June 1st, you have actually two days to submit the deposit and form.
  • Fill out the FAFSA plus the CSS profile ASAP, if not already completed. We usually do not wish your capacity to invest in USC become held up by educational funding. The sooner we have these documents, the faster we can allow you to get the information.
  • Submit your housing application. Although housing is not guaranteed for transfer students, there is some availability. The earlier you apply, the greater the probabilities. You can submit your housing application ahead of the commitment deposit. USC additionally has off-campus student housing, so do not forget to check those options also.
  • Sign up for Orientation 5-7 business days after your submit your commitment deposit. You shall receive an email with all the link.
  • Send all official that is final from your own many recent term in college.
  • Get SUPER excited because you’re a Trojan!

Of program, we have been always ready to help. So us a call if you need anything, please just give!


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